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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Greathour -

Online Date : 2018-12-28

Investment Plans: 6% Hourly for 32 Hours , 11% Hourly For 12 Hours ,180% after 1 day ,800% after 3 days + Principal Back, 1000% after 7 days+ Principal Back

Min Spend : 5 $

Referral Commission : 3.5-1 % 

Withdrawal Type Instant

Licensed Script 

DDoS Protection by DDOS-Guard

Accpet Payment : BTC PM Payeer

About Us :
We are a crypto investment company legally registered in United kingdom.Founded by a group of elite hedge fund traders, our mission is to provide a stable platform for our members to earn consistent profit from the new cryto assets. Started by Bitcoin, blockchain technology is disrupting every aspect of the tech scene, from instant payments to new way of raising capital. Crypto is the future of wealth generation. But crypto assets is extremely volatile, making it difficult for new adopters to trade. We are proud to launch our award winning system which was designed on machine learning principles that is able to extract profits by placing orders in milli-second in exchanges round the globe. Exploiting well tested patterns, it will extract profits from both rising and falling markets 24 hours a day. And those risk free small trades will provide consistent returns in long term to all our registered members. Risk management is our first priority in addition to alpha generation. We have state of art risk control system on top of trading system to minimize risk exposure. Our ethos "Consistent profit with minimal risk!" Don't miss the chance to profit from the crypto craze. Join us and double your investments in just 24 hours!

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